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Safety Analysis Verification and Validation (V&V) Engineer



Santa Clara, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2023
Thanks for your interest in Oklo! We are searching for a Safety Analysis Verification and Validation (V&V) Engineer to join our team.

Position Description:

Safety analysis verification and validation (V&V) engineers at Oklo are responsible for conducting V&V of software and evaluation models to support the licensing of Oklo's reactors. This position includes designing and executing engineering analyses and clear and thorough documentation of the work. Additionally, this position interfaces heavily with transient analysis methods development and execution, code benchmarking, and other safety analysis disciplines.

Specific responsibilities may include:

Responsibilities will differ depending on your background:
  • Designing and executing engineering analysis to support V&V of software and evaluation models
  • Researching and modeling relevant experiments and tests to support analysis methods V&V
  • Conducting scaling analyses of experimental configurations
  • Processing experimental results and documenting insights from assessment case execution
  • Documenting work using modern tools and techniques, and writing well-written, thoughtful technical reports


We are looking for someone that is:
  • Passionate about clean energy
  • Experienced with thermal-hydraulic analysis
  • Knowledgeable about fast reactor design and previous fast reactor designs
  • Willing and able to learn quickly
  • Eager to work on a dynamic team, receive constructive feedback, and grow with us
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced, highly iterative startup environment
  • Willing to propose novel and creative solutions to technical problems
  • Able to clearly communicate technical content in writing
  • Able to communicate technical content and results verbally

Who you are:

A startup person: You aren't driven by titles or hierarchy, and prefer efficiency to excess process. You don't need or expect to have a lot of guidance but you enjoy working in a fast-paced team. If you prefer the culture and feel of a large organization, that is great, but you likely won't enjoy working with us! There is plenty of important work and plenty of good opportunities with organizations like that.

Motivated: You are self-motivated. You bring an enthusiasm to the team, and imbue a sense of passion that goes beyond clocking in and clocking out. This isn't about a fake or arbitrary "pieces of flair" mentality or lack of work-life balance! It is about being a part of the vision and feeling a part of reaching team goals.

A team-player: Oklo genuinely is a team. We aren't about taking credit for ourselves, and we aren't about pushing blame to others. We do incredible things because we work as a team.

An excellent communicator: We need a person who is not only technically competent but also a clear and upbeat communicator.

Creative: Being creative means that when things fall outside clear scopes or processes or problems arise without clear solutions, you are able to identify it as well as invent ways to solve a problem or fill a need without micromanagement. The successful person in this job will not only be creative, but also enjoy being creative and solving open-ended problems which may change day-by-day.

Detail-oriented: This focus is a big part of excellence, consistency, and quality. Excellent grammar and spelling matter for both good communication as well as the image of the company that we put forward.

Minimum Qualifications:

We also think the following are good indicators of qualifications to do this job:
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering
  • Experience in system-level thermal-hydraulic analysis, transient analysis, and nuclear thermal-hydraulic fundamentals
  • Experience in nuclear design and licensing

Bonus Qualifications
  • Experience with SAS4A/SASSYS-1, SAM, GOTHIC, RELAP5, TRACE, MELCOR, or other nuclear system analysis software
  • Experience with code qualification frameworks and methodologies, in particular EMDAP (RG 1.203)
  • Experience with uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analyses
  • Fluency with Python
  • Experience with CI/CD computing environments

About Oklo compensation:

Salary: $60,000-$130,000

Salary may fall outside of the range provided and will be dependent on applicant experience.

Oklo offers flexible time off, equity, competitive pay, 401k, health insurance, FSA, flexible work hours, and other benefits.

About Oklo Inc.: Oklo is a California-based company developing clean energy plants to provide emission-free, reliable, and affordable energy using advanced fission. Oklo is a fast-growing startup with a history of reliable funding and milestones for more than 5 years. Oklo's first product is a microgrid scale powerhouse. The powerhouse can produce clean energy for decades without needing to refuel, and also has the capability to turn nuclear waste into clean energy.

Oklo received a Site Use Permit from the U.S Department of Energy, demonstrated fabrication of its fuel, was awarded fuel from the Idaho National Laboratory, and submitted the first accepted advanced fission license application to the regulator.

Oklo has been featured in Popular Mechanics, Wired, Architectural Digest, Hyperallergic, POWER Magazine, has been the subject of a Harvard Business School case, and was featured in the documentary The New Fire, among many other features.