Frontend Engineer - Tech Lead



Software Engineering
San Mateo, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, April 5, 2024


Notable is the leading intelligent automation company for healthcare. Customers use Notable to drive patient acquisition, retention, and reimbursement, scaling growth without hiring more staff. We don’t just make software. We are on a mission to fix the broken U.S. healthcare system by helping to eliminate the massive administrative burden that is placed on our nation’s healthcare staff. We hire people from diverse backgrounds and are always looking for employees who bring fresh ideas to our space. Passion is paramount, and at Notable, you will get to work with other talented people who aim to set the new standard for innovation in healthcare.

As a Frontend Technical Lead at Notable, you’ll work on patient-facing registration, clinical intake, and appointment scheduling web applications, bringing much-needed polish and innovation to the healthcare experience. You’ll also be extending Notable’s automation platform with new capabilities and configurability to expand our available solutions, and work with other engineers on backend data pipelines to develop a structured representation of all relevant health data and integrations with external systems. You’ll own features end-to-end, from conception to shipped to production, and have a substantial impact on the future direction and success of the company.

We primarily work with TypeScript, React, Nodejs, PostgreSQL, and Python. You'll spend about 70% of your time on the frontend and 30% backend.


  • 8+ years of relevant work experience

  • Excellent problem-solving, coding, and debugging skills

  • Deep understanding of modern web application development

  • Generalist skill set, able to work comfortably on frontend or backend problems

  • Solve complex problems by breaking them up into simpler discrete problems and implement them across multiple services

  • Experience writing maintainable, well-tested, reliable code

  • Successful in a fast-paced, collaborative environment

  • You'll own features end-to-end, from conception to shipped to production,

  • You will also be responsible for taking existing features and bringing them up to a new higher standard

Diversity is important to our team; if you’re unsure if you might be a fit, please apply!

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