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Principal Designer



Los Angeles, CA, USA · Remote
Posted on Saturday, August 12, 2023

Located in Santa Monica, CA

Maximus is a mission-driven consumer health company that provides men with content, community, and clinical support to optimize them in mind and body. Maximus has raised $15M from top Silicon Valley VCs such as Founders Fund and 8VC as well as leading angel investors/operators from companies like Bulletproof, Tinder, Coinbase, Daily Stoic, & Shopify.

Maximus is looking for a Principal Designer to establish and lead design at the organization. This individual must be strong in design fundamentals with deep experience with consumer brands. A deep curiosity in health and how people make personal health decisions is valuable. This role reports into our Head of Marketing, who will provide hands-on management and support career growth.

Please note: Culture is key at Maximus, so we get to know candidates holistically through this questionnaire. Please fill it out as honestly and intuitively as possible since it is designed to detect exaggeration, which will cause your application to be automatically rejected.

The questionnaire is optional to submit now with your application, but candidates that do so will get strongly prioritized. Note, we do not have access to individual questions’ answers/choices.

Email [email protected] to confirm you have completed it.


  • Develop an emotional, scientific, and masculine visual identity. As a premium consumer brand selling high quality pharmaceuticals and protocols, it’s critical we convey a trustworthy and masculine brand.
  • Establish consistency and clarity through user experience design. A consistent experience ensures our patients receive the experience they expect. Regularly audit user flows and implement changes to ensure the entire experience feels seamless to the user.
  • Create and maintain a scalable design system. As the company develops, design needs will grow. You must build and maintain a system that enables the organization to grow accordingly.

Collaborate with the broader Maximus team:

  • Build and optimize our customer journey with product and marketing. Understand the entire customer experience per persona and product-line to determine the most effective ways to help our prospects become patients and help our patients become advocates in our community. Specifically this means creating a great website and product with product managers, marketers, and our freelance designers.
  • Create evocative yet grounded narratives through content and advertising. Partner with the marketing team to ensure the brand is accompanied with striking visual assets. Be an advocate to constant experimentation early in the customer journey.

Your first 90 days

  1. Speak to 5 customers, conduct a customer survey, and evaluate customer data.
  2. Audit all design assets across marketing and product.
  3. Improve foundational design guidelines and systems.
  4. Create a roadmap for design priorities.
  5. Begin improving consumer experience through design.


  • High Conscientiousness: Highly effective, organized, dutiful, self-disciplined, and careful. You are the type of person who used multiple colors of highlighters, and everyone wanted to borrow notes from. You never forget a task, execute it flawlessly, and are as reliable as clockwork.
  • High Horsepower & Humility: High intellectual and physical energy. You eagerly solve big, complex, and ambiguous company problems, while having the humility to “roll your sleeves up” and do the dirty work without complaint.
  • Creative Thinker: Highly creative thinker who tends to find solutions that others don’t see or inappropriately dismiss. Not content to do the safe bet everyone else takes.
  • Relentlessly Resourceful: Highly proactive, does not quit, and finds innovative solutions with little guidance. Bias for action and ability to thrive in an ambiguous environment with a high degree of autonomy.
  • Passion for Men’s Health & Development: Interest in helping men develop a healthy masculinity. Demonstrates personal dedication and interest in health optimization (e.g. diet, exercise, sleep, focus, and relationships).

World-Class Benefits:

  • Premium Blue Shield Platinum PPO & HMO Plans (up to 100% coverage)
  • Full Suite: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance
  • Best-in-class 401K options
  • Flexible vacation/time-off policies
  • Liquidity of options whenever available
  • Extended options exercise window for loyal employees (3 months for every year of service; e.g. 1 year for 4+ year employees)

*Maximus is an equal opportunity employer, which not only includes standard protected categories, but the additional freedom from discrimination against your free speech and beliefs, as long as they are aligned with company values. We celebrate intellectual diversity.