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ML (NLP) Engineer



Software Engineering, Data Science
Posted on Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Machine Learning Engineer
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Our Company & Team Overview:

MIT Media Lab product designer Jacob Cole, YC founder David Greenspan (Etherpad, Google, Meteor.js), and other veteran entrepreneurs have teamed up to build Ideaflow – a notebook that augments your intelligence as you type. Our product enables users to seamlessly capture and stitch together fragments of information, amplifying their ability to solve critical problems.

Ray Kurzweil projects that, by 2045, humanity will be hooked up to a "shared neocortex in the cloud" by brain-computer interfaces. We will leave the brain-computer interfaces to Elon Musk, but we believe it’s possible to build that "shared brain" now, and that it might look different than many imagine. We want to create a future where nobody feels alone with their ideas, where intellectual soulmates find each other, where superconnectors are empowered. We see our software as critical to creating the frame for humans and machines to work together to solve the world's most important problems. 

With a raise of $10 million, the backing of prominent thought leaders in the field - like First Round Capital, 8VC, Sequoia Scouts, and Naval Ravikant - and a successful paid pilot for large enterprise clients, we are ready to take on these challenges. We are looking for fearlessly creative individuals who can fall in love with personal information management systems, which we see as integral to the destiny of the Web. 

The Role: 

We are: engineers with an artistic impulse, serial founders, community builders, curators of quotes, hosts of intellectual salons, side project fanatics, lovers of nature and human nature – all united by a desire to scale our ability to help people, and to help the Internet continue to truly serve on the side of the user. We're looking for a highly experienced Machine Learning Engineer to further the mission of Ideaflow in a role that involves autonomy, creative freedom, and leadership. It would be preferred if you are excited about curating all kinds of valuable information for the good of the world, and for your personal improvement.

Responsibilities Include:

- Developing NLP-enabled software for the Ideaflow Web and iOS App (a low-friction notes and ontological editor) 
- Defining technical priorities with our core engineering team 
- Assisting in building other core product offerings
- Participating and contributing to our Agile development process
- Ensuring on-time delivery of your high-quality designs
- Keeping a pulse on developments in the NLP space

It Would Be Great If You Have:

- A Bachelor’s/Master's degree in Computer Science from a top university
- Created a Lisp Interpreter, mastered Category Theory, or worked with Dependency Parsing in NLP
- Familiarity with a variety of development environments, specifically web development in JavaScript/React 
- Demonstrated the ability to work well in a team
- Deep technical understanding, yet are also product-oriented 
- High levels of social empathy and willingness to stick up for important ideas

You Will Love Working With Us If You:

- Use tools to collect and organize the thoughts and data in your daily life
- Thrive in an open and flexible environment 
- Frequently find yourself working on side projects
- Have a passion for innovation and feel at home with the startup lifestyle

We Offer: 

- A competitive salary with equity incentives
- Work from home accommodations
- $500/month to promote well being
- Flexible work hours with unlimited PTO
- Comprehensive health, vision and dental benefits for full-time employees (including  acupuncture!)
- A problem worth solving

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