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Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Backend Engineer

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Build the operating system for business

Daydream is an all-in-one planning workspace where teams come together to make decisions.
The way companies make decisions today is broken. Teams are siloed. KPIs are pursued in isolation. Analysis is backwards looking. And planning is fragmented across spreadsheets, documents, and dashboards that don't speak to each other.
As a result, leaders lack the context they need, politics rules the day, and companies make expensive mistakes that result in hundreds of billions of dollars annually in waste.
Daydream offers companies a new way of working. We help teams connect the dots, cross silos, choose the best future, and make better decisions together.
Today, we're working directly with a set of tech's best known companies. In 5 years, we believe you won't run a growth-focused business without us.
Our small, high powered team is backed by 8VC, Abstract Ventures, Foundation Capital, Offline Ventures, Kevin Hartz, Lenny Rachitsky, and others.

Why join Daydream?

Strong team + values — Founded by the Uber's Head of Rider Growth and Eventbrite's VP Finance. High-powered engineering peers. Backed by A-list investors. Come to work motivated each day.
Intellectually stimulating day-to-day — Solve complex engineering challenges (think: building Figma) while gaining a see-the-Matrix level understanding of how businesses operate and grow. Rethink major elements of how people do business from the ground up. Be an integral part of product development & thinking.
The opportunity here is massive — Opportunities like this come along maybe a few times in a generation. We are building real value for every business out there. In 5 years, you won't run a business without Daydream. In 10 years, Daydream will be running your business.

What do we value?

We value passion We have the opportunity to do something truly transformational. We enjoy working alongside people who are mission driven and share our passion. We work both hard and smart, put the emphasis on outcomes over output, and take ownership of the projects we touch.
We value first principles thinking We are delivering a product that's 10x better than what came before. There are many hard problems and we learn a lot along the way. We value people who bring curiosity and growth mentality to their work and seek the right answers without ego.
We value trustworthiness We are handling some of our customer's most sensitive data and enabling their most important decisions and we take that seriously. We are dependable for our customers and for each other.
We embrace fun — Some people are scared of numbers; we get that. That's why we are creating a best-in-class consumer-style product experience that makes the dry accessible. We bring craft and joy to our work that others can feel.

The Role

What you'll do

Build experiences that delight our customers. As one of our core engineers, you'll play an essential part in defining, architecting, building, and scaling our core product and technical vision. You are product- and customer-focused and aspire to build magical experiences that solve real user problems.
Be a culture add. Our biggest strength is our team. You inspire and motivate others with your passion and treat others with respect and camaraderie. You act like an owner, know when it’s important to sprint vs. recharge, and focus on outcomes. You are comfortable with uncertainty. You proactively communicate and foster a culture of trust across functions which facilitates smart risk taking as well as direct and open conversations about both the good and the bad. You proactively help us recruit other talented people as we head into a phase of growth.
Promote rapid learning. Pace of learning is everything. You help us ship product quickly. And you help the whole team figure out when we can learn faster by building less or shifting our plans slightly. You make smart technical decisions that give us the flexibility to evolve over time. You write naturally elegant and maintainable code but you're also ok hacking something when that's the right way to get validation or solve a one-off problem quickly.

What you'll bring

High technical horsepower. You are yourself a world class engineer who loves building. You have strong CS fundamentals (traversing graphs, tree structures, DFS, BFS, etc.), experience architecting complex applications, curiosity, and are well equipped to solve extremely challenging engineering problems. You have mastery in at least one backend language (our backend is mostly Java and Python).
Ability to operate across stages. You have had experience at both the early stage (or have even been a founder) and in scaling large applications. You understand engineering best practices, how to make smart technical decisions that prepare us for the future, and how to think through trade-offs between scrappiness and perfection.
Bonus points for speciality experience.
DevOps & AWS
Data engineering involving large data sets (we use dbt to get customer data)
Security (we handle companies' most sensitive data and will be going through SOC2 compliance)
Realtime collaboration

Engineering @ Daydream

Build cool things. Have massive impact. Never get bored.

Our unique product means we have to solve tons of difficult or even unsolved challenges in order to wow our customers:
Remember those obscure graph traversal algorithms that you learned in your CS classes? These power our product! We live and breathe DFS, BFS, and Topological sort.
Our application is extremely reactive and event-driven while relying heavily on data mutations and their side effects. As you can imagine, finding the sweet spot between performance, beauty, and visualization has enabled us to break boundaries and test our engineering brains to the limit.
As we scale, our algorithms and data structures need to scale as well. Very soon, we will be building distributed hashmaps and topological sort that run parallel across a distributed set of servers, processing tens of millions of nodes, and deriving meaningful results in a matter of seconds.
Slick, real-time collaboration comes with steep engineering challenges. We want you to help us architect and implement those pesky Operational Transform and CRDT algorithms to power our growing base of users.
We custom built our own Charting library using React and D3.js in order to enable graphs to do things that graphs don't ordinarily do using existing charting libraries.

Tech Stack


How to apply?

Email recruiting (at) with your LinkedIn profile and a few lines around why you're interested!
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