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Posted on Monday, August 14, 2023

The Role

At Candid Health, we're in search of a Senior InfoSec Engineer, ready to elevate the safety and security of our systems and networks. You will serve as our guardian, ensuring our platforms are resilient against all threats while meeting compliance requirements. We value a hands-on approach and seek someone who is conversant with the nitty-gritty of security frameworks, while being deeply engaged in strategic and operational security endeavors. You will be the first hire on the new InfoSec team with the intent to build out a small team around you in the future.

What You’ll Do

  • Implement & Navigate Security Rituals: Understand, oversee, and drive the rituals associated with SOC2, remain abreast with HIPAA, and ensure that we remain compliant and informed.

  • Handle Customer Queries: Serve as the primary point of contact for all customer security inquiries, ensuring their concerns and queries are addressed promptly and comprehensively.

  • Audit & Oversight: Regularly audit our platforms and tech stack, ensuring that vulnerabilities are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

  • Manage Third-party Relationships: Coordinate with vendors for penetration testing and other security services, ensuring that our platforms undergo regular scrutiny and remain fortified.

  • Collaborate with Engineering Team: Work closely with the engineering department during feature planning and roll-out, ensuring security remains at the forefront of all initiatives.

  • Audit Internal Systems: While you won't directly write the terraform, you will need to read, audit, and provide feedback on internal private networks, IT systems, and more.

Who You Are

  • You have 4+ years of experience in the security domain, with a proven track record of hands-on involvement in complex projects.

  • Your expertise isn't just theoretical. You know how to "talk the talk", especially when it comes to the rituals and routines of security compliance.

  • With strong knowledge of HIPAA, you're no stranger to the delicate information we handle.

  • You are adaptable and flexible, always ready to engage with security challenges at both enterprise and client levels.

  • While you may not write the code, you possess the ability to read, understand, and audit systems, networks, and IT setups to ensure airtight security.

What we do

We’re fixing one of the most broken and costly pieces of the US healthcare system: medical billing.

Today, healthcare providers spend over $250B each year on administrative overhead just to get paid by insurance. Medical billing is expensive because it’s nuanced and hard - maybe ~100x harder than credit card payment processing - and because it’s traditionally done by armies of humans who track and manage complex rules and processes specific to individual insurance companies with little or no supporting software. We’re rethinking medical billing from the ground up, building software backed by best-in-class data science (and, soon, a dash of machine learning) to automate much of this complexity so healthcare providers can get paid dramatically more easily and inexpensively.

We were in the Y Combinator W20 batch and have since been well funded by a world-class group of funds (8VC, First Round Capital, BoxGroup) + angel investors. We're now helping our customers treat opioid addiction, provide holistic care for women, lose weight, increase access to mental health care, and much more. This is such important and gratifying work; we can't wait for you to join our team and help support some of the most important innovation happening in healthcare today!

Our values

We spend at least as much time with our coworkers as we do with our closest friends + family - if we intend to do the most important + challenging work of our lives, it’s important that these folks energize us, support us, inspire us, and push us to do our best work. This is what you can expect of your teammates at Candid (in no particular order):

  • We put our customers first

  • We take care of each other and ourselves

  • We anchor on outcomes and work relentlessly and creatively to achieve them

  • We collectively prioritize building a diverse and inclusive workspace

  • We believe humility is our greatest strength

  • We are candid, kind, and committed

  • We strive to be the most prepared person in the room

  • We are truth seekers

Pay Transparency

The estimated starting annual salary range for this position is $140,000 - $190,000 USD. The listed range is a guideline from Pave data, and the actual base salary may be modified based on factors including job-related skills, experience/qualifications, interview performance, market data, etc. Total compensation for this position may also include equity, sales incentives (for sales roles), and employee benefits. Given Candid Health’s funding and size, we heavily value the potential upside from equity in our compensation package. Further note that Candid Health has minimal hierarchy and titles, but has broad ranges of experience represented within roles.