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Founding Software Engineer



Software Engineering · Full-time
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, October 28, 2022


San Francisco

Reporting to

Jesse Dhillon, Co-CEO & Co-founder

About Basis

Basis is focused on servicing a major gap in modern fintech: small-/mid-sized business (SMBs). Of the 6M+ SMBs in the US, nearly half apply for new loans or credit lines each year. Absent good access to data, underwriting these businesses can take weeks, and sometimes months, and often end up relying on the personal credit of the business owner. Every day, these inefficiencies create delays, introduce operational risk, and add to the challenges for entrepreneurs across the country.

Prior to founding Basis, the founders spent a combined 10 years at Plaid, where they gained the experience, perspective, and relationships necessary to tackle this problem.

About the product

The Basis product is a reinvented credit report for businesses: a passport which they can present to certify the financial health and fundamentals of their business, in order to access the financing and services they need to power their business. The product has multiple interacting components, including:

  • a cash flow profile, which provides historical and real-time analysis that business lenders use to inform their underwriting decisions
  • an onboarding and information sharing UI, which B2B fintech developers embed into their workflows to guide businesses through creating Basis profiles, and connecting those profiles to developer applications
  • a SMB-facing dashboard which provides business users with analysis of their own finances, and control over which services are connected to their profiles

Our current roadmap involves completing and delivering these features to our early set of partners. Future expansions will include connecting to more sources of business health and performance data, such as billing and invoicing systems.

About you

Basis is looking for people who are keenly aware of their strengths as an engineer, and have a demonstrable reputation for applying them consistently. The successful founding engineer at Basis will take ownership over a large surface area of the product without requiring explicit permission or instruction. The ideal candidate will be someone who has, at some point in their life, found themselves a hundred tabs deep into the exploration of an obscure spec or novel solution, emerging having synthesized that knowledge into an artifact which was completed to an unnecessarily high standard.

Put simply, we admire:

  • the intellectually curious,
  • those who, through daring (or a naiveté), go beyond where others have turned back, and
  • those who have the resolve to see all commitments through to their conclusions

About this role

You will have a wide remit in this role which will include:

  • interfacing with early customers for requirements verification and new product implementation
  • mentoring future team members to advance technical and subject matter expertise
  • establishing lasting cultural norms of the Basis team

In addition to these broad expectations, you will have specific responsibilities:

  • contribute to all parts of our application codebase, comprising React, Typescript, Python, PostgreSQL and other technologies
  • contribute to the management of our AWS-based production environment
  • design and develop our customer-facing API, which our customers use to access credit reports on a one-time or ongoing basis
  • design and develop our user-facing UI, and related API, which provides a simple and clean interface which our users use to connect their businesses


In addition to everything entailed by the foregoing sections, the more-than-ideal candidate will also have previous experience at a fintech startup.

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